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How to connect?

We explain in these lines, which are the procedures to be able to connect inside Barcelona from your location.

Before anything else, we remind that the previous step to have connection to Internet is the preinscription that may be done through the Preinscription form or physically at the Infoespai.

For the connection to the free net, no preinscription is necessary –although we recommend it if you require our technical support -, only the connection through a booster node; because of that en these case the following information on cases, photos and coverage tests are also recomended.

Thus, to be able to prepare the enrolment of a user it is necessary to check if there will be connectivity with a booster node.

To do that we have established 3 typical situations, which are detailed in the first subsection of this page.

    1. First case: You already have physical visibility to a main node from the roof.
    2. Second case: You are in a neighbourhood with main node, but you don’t have visibility from the roof.
    3.Third case: You are in a neighbourhood with no main node installed yet.

It consists on knowing which is your case. The first way to check it is confirming visibility through sending us photos and the second way is to do a coverage test with a router and an antenna.

These two techniques for checking are also detailed in the subsections of this page.

On the other hand, in general therms, we give you some considerations, to complete the information: The main nodes of the wireless cooperative network are named (essid) “xsf-coop.net”. The connection to Internet, requires of a user and password, that we will provide you once we confirm there’s connectivity and once registered in the cooperative.

For any information or question, write to info@xsf-coop.net or call 93 390 72 36.

Possible situations

Send photographies

Coverage tests

Photos of the roof

One of the first actions you can do the individuals and groups preinscribed is Photos from the roof:

The photos will permit to have a good idea of:

- In case it is an area without coverage, if your building can be a booster.

- In case it is an area with coverage about the possibilities to connect.

We would need you to do a few digital photos, of the roof where the installation has to be done. If you have no roof, (for instance buildings with ridge tiles), try to do the closest photos according to the necessities we have in every case.

Specifically we would need the following images:

- Photos of all views. Unnecessary photos where a taller near building blocks visibility, but to the angles where there is vision it may always be useful to have to give us a close idea about the possibilities of connection

- Photos of your roof. We are specially interested on the place where the antenna should be placed, that may probably be very near from where you have the TV antenna. In case you don’t know exactly what to photograph, do a general pan of the roof.

You can send us all photos by e-mail to info@xsf-coop.net or physically in a CD to Infoespai.

If you have difficulties to send the images by e-mail, because they occupy more Mb than those you can send with your electronic mail in only one delivery (it can be from 2 to 10 Mb), we suggest you to send them in several e-mails and/or to reduce their size with the image processing tool you have.