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In the xsf-coop the non paid participation coexists with the auto occupation and paid tasks.

In order to attend the solicitudes to do installations that arrive and to guarantee a good quality of the service to the people who finance it with their quotes, we have found necessary the professional participation of a few people who have the necessary motivation, compromise and technical knowledge.

We talk about auto occupation because it is not about people who receive a salary from the cooperative, but who invest their time and money in the project, because they believe in and because they want to earn their own work place in the cooperative, before becoming working partners.

This way we participate on developing alternatives to the conventional economy, activity shared with many other entities of the solidarity economy. Because of that we participate in the solidarity economy network.

In the sub sections you have a description of the tasks that in the xsf-coop carry on the working staff members. You will see that some of them are sporadic activities, like installations or home technical service; so if you know how to do them maybe they can interest you for raising your incomes participating on a project that motivates you.

Management of the cooperative


Home technical service