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Active participation

If you want to collaborate with the network, far beyond just using it, you can do it in several manners:

    -You can participate in our debates and decisions coming to the assemblies, which take place once per month
    - You can take care of doing diffusion, delivering leaflets, posting posters or assuming the provisions to interested communities and groups.
    - You can collaborate, as well, participating in a group of coverage tests in your neighborhood, to check if the communities that are (pre)enrolled have connectivity.
    - If you have technical knowledge on wireless networks or you are motivated and want to learn on this field, you can participate the technical group, that facilitates the usage and improvement of the network.
    - If you already are part of the network you can contribute adding and sharing contents, like web pages, free software, photos, videos, music…
    - Know the intercommunication tools between those who participate in the wireless network to connect!

Assemblies of the xsf-coop


Coverage tests

Technical tasks

Share Knowledge

Tools for comunication and work

XSF Workshop in Can Masdeu